Sunday, August 17, 2014

John Stezaker//Interview with John Roberts

"...Picasso hardly said anything in his entire life on the subject of what he was doing, but one of the most interesting things he did say, which always sticks in my mind, and says a great deal about that moment for me, was that he doesn't look for images, he finds them. That was really the key moment for me, when I relinquished control of the image myself by dropping captions. I was allowing myself to be guided by images. Obviously Picasso did search for images; he went around junk yards and scrap heaps and bookshops, finding the readymade objects and bits and pieces that inspired him in his work and which he used in it, so he did search, obviously. What he meant was that the searching is more likely to lead you to not find anything, because you don't really know what you want in the first place, so you have to abandon yourself to a kind of searching which doesn't predispose you to a very specific conclusion or image. The finding is the key element because that's the point in which you've abandoned yourself from the search, you've taken yourself outside the linearity of a particular channel."